Web Design

Website is not business card.
Online, your communication needs be always on the move.

I don't know if you've already read this somewhere on the internet, but I would like to make a real suggestion for your business: whether or not you hire a consultancy specializing in communication, pay more attention to your website.

Websites were at the beginning of the web, and they are certainly in the future. So start by answering this question...

Would you opening an incomplete store, missing a lot of products, shelves and counter?

Because this is often what some companies do with their own website. Even today, there are companies that do not consider the Internet as one of their main communication channels, missing an excellent chance to create an integrated platform capable of attracting customers.

In order for your website to perform and become a tool for generating results, it needs to be designed in a planned way.

  • 1- What content are my customers looking for?
  • 2 - How can I share this content? How can consumers interact with my website and content?
  • 3 - What is the best usability I can offer in navigation?
  • 4 - What channels can I use for the client to relate to my company? Chat, form, phone?
  • 5 - Can it be seen on all screen types?
  • 6 - How does it look on mobile?

With the variety of formats, it's crucial that you offer two formats. The responsive website is ideal for desktops and tablets and the mobile website for smartphones.

A website doesn't go online due to a lack o programing, but for a lack of content.

To be efficient, websites need to be dynamic, have original content, with the appropriate keywords for the page to gain positions in search engines like Google, and bring financial return.

That's why it's essential that you focus your efforts on producing or collecting information and content so that your site goes live in full.

Now that you have a website ready to perform, focus your efforts on understanding how consumers reach your page, through which channels, content and keywords. Websites need to generate results either through digital campaigns or integrated with blogs, videos and social media.

Do you want to know how to get the best performance from your website? Get in touch!

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